Portable Fuel Cell For Your Mobile Devices That Can Last up to 2 Weeks

Mobile Power Source:
Remember the scene from the movie ‘terminator 3′, when the old T-850 removes its damaged hydrogen fuel cell? The Kaboom? That is right! Its the fuel cell that powered the cyborg. Ever wished for a similar gadget that could power your devices?


A company is ready to equip you with such a portable device (no worries! Its safe, compact and recyclable) that can power your digital devices for about two weeks to a month max. The device looks like a hard paperback book, weighs less and tops the scale with its power storage level. Any USB 2.0 compatible device can be plugged in to it to rejuice it and use it at crucial times when your mom calls and you run out of power for ‘real’.


The technology used in this is based on a slightly masked proprietary silicon technology from the company. The Nectar Mobile Power is the portable device, powered by the butane cartridges, yet to face the portable power seeking geeks. The gadget’s specifications can be seen below the post and some of the key features are the device’s heat dissipation, which is surprisingly low compared to the other devices. The other credit to the product is that it can be shipped abroad and carried on board any airplanes as the ICAO and other major regulatory boards rendered it safe.

No wonders are impossible if creativity flows into your mind. I’m thinking of hacking the gadget, when it comes to the market and apply it as an alternative unit for a Li-Po for the UAVs and RC toys with a huge penalty in the weight contribution, though. Besides this, there are many gadgets seeking compact sizes along with a huge storage of power. The Nectar Mobile Power will be the right choice according to me.

Hope this gadget could be a game changer, in the world of portable power sources as it pushes the rest in to the oblivion.

Interface USB 2.0
Output Standard +5V
Peak Power ›2.5W
Volume ~150cc
Weight ~200g
Pod Volume ~55cc
Pod Weight ~35g


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